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Deliverable 4.2


Software Prototype

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Executive summary:

The aim of this deliverable is to define HumBAS software prototype and it's components. Alongside, the necessary theoretical background is described, which includes hardware descriptions of sensors and the feebacktool. Considering the features HumBAS should provide, the main component consist of the HumBAS server, a central data exchange platform, the building automation system server, the feedbacktools and the wireless sensor network.

The wireless sensor network consist of independent sensor nodes, which are deployed with various sensors. They publish their sensor data to an edge router, which translate these messages for the HumBAS server for further use. Additionally, the sensor nodes enable the localization of the feedbacktools within the building. Deployed on the feedbacktools is the Comfort Classifier, a software stack which allows to model the comfort of the users. By adapting the local model each time a user gives feedback and by including the spatial and temporal context, the model is able to reflect and infer the user's comfort at any given time. Central control unit of most components is the HumBAS server, which manages the feedbacktools, stores sensor data, validates given feedback and orchestrates commands to the building automation system by using the built-in rule execution engine. Using the information model for generating all necessary configuration files allows for a flexible deployment. Overall, the feature stack of the HumBAS prototype and it's components allow for integrating user feedback into the feedbacktool's local comfort model, request user's for their feedback, trigger commands for the building automation system based on this feedback, the integration of sensor data, informing the facility management of any nontypical feedback and provide anonymous statistical data of the overall system.