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Deliverable 3.2


Technical specification of the user feedback tool

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Executive summary:

The aim of this document is to transform the more abstract view on the to be designed feedback tool developed in the requirement analysis (Task 3.1) into considerations towards its technical realization. Since technical implementations are always tied to the specific physical and functional characteristics of an artifact, but the creation of the latter is the output of the design process that follows, the specification given here is more oriented towards technological framing conditions rather than a full specification.

First, the required technical infrastructure is specified. Considerations regarding the division of the office building into zones are presented, and the question is discussed as to how these zones relate to certain building automation subsystems and how the localizability of feedback can be technically realized. Afterwards, the required communication infrastructure is discussed, which enables the building users to interact with the system. In addition, relations between the sensor infrastructure and comfort perception are elaborated.

Following the discussion of the technical infrastructure, reflections on required information about users, technological requirements to the feedback device, and a raw conceptualization of comfort modelling are presented.

Finally, the individual functionalities of the feedback tool are considered in more detail. Based on the requirements, the respective main functions of the HumBAS Feedback System (Active Feedback, Passive Feedback, and Interventions) are analyzed. Here, a primary focus was placed on required data flows and data structures, intended effects, and possible limitations.