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Deliverable 3.1


Requirements to the user feedback tool

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Executive summary:

The aim of this document is to explicate the requirements of the user feedback tool to be designed in the course of the HumBAS project. Based on the scenarios and the use cases developed in Work Package 2, a model-based requirement analysis was conducted with a special focus on human-building interaction.

First, some basic general requirements of the overall system (i.e., not with a special focus on the feedback process) are defined. These requirements serve as a thematic and functional framing for the design of the user feedback tool.

Based on this general framing, distinct sets of feedback specific requirements are defined, beginning with a description of the requirements for the physical feedback device.

Afterwards, the functional requirements of the feedback tool are presented, which are structured along three main functional dimensions. First, the functionality of giving active feedback is discussed. It enables the building users to actively initiate a feedback process in order to express their own sensual perception of the surrounding environmental conditions. In return, passive feedback describes a form of information gathering initiated by HumBAS system which can be responded by building users. The third function are so-called interventions, which should allow building users to intervene directly in the behavior of individual building automation subsystems in their vicinity.

Finally, a series of primarily optional functionalities as well as the respective requirements are laid out.